History of Top Brass

As a musician, Kirk Laughton always knew that art enriches life. After years with Mozart and Mahler,
Kirk set his French Horn aside and focused his energies entirely on lighting design. His passion now is
mastering the art and technique of creating great decorative lighting; lighting that defines a space, and
nourishes those who pass through it.

Having built Top Brass from the ground up, Kirk is proud of the repertoire of successes generated by his
company over the past 25 years. Again and again, designers turn to Top Brass for elegant custom
lighting solutions, available at affordable prices. Some of the industry’s finest minds have come to Kirk for
insightful custom creations. As the chief design force, Kirk works closely with designers, and
delivers products that exactly fits the need, without breaking the budget. This creative-collaborative
process leads to elegant solutions, and happy clients.

Top Brass, 1719 Whitehead Rd, Baltimore, MD 21207